Devil in Me


Devil In Me

By SiN Machine - Written by S.G.Heath 2014 - d-tox productions © 2014

I saw

Something in you and I knew

I know you swore

You'd practice and preach the truth


I'm torn but I just can't refrain

You move your lips, I hear my name

I've got the fuel, you've got the flame

I feel it pumping through my veins

It's getting harder to restrain

I taste your fear, I taste your pain


Because I've noticed your man out there

He's a nervous wreck can you compare?


The devil in me

Brings out the devil in you

Your lust spawned from a seed

Because you're sticky like glue

the devil in me

Can raise the devil on cue

So get down on your knees

Because the devil just grew


Breathe low

you don't have to let it bruise

It's what you sow

Submission is a state we can abuse

You're mine now


I'll tie you down, I'll take the reins

Increase the tension on your frame

Embrace the concept of the game

Control, release, repeat the same

Until you're borderline insane

Don't hold it back from me (don't hold it back, don't hold it back)


Because I'm 

Willing to lay you bare

If he's not prepared then you can share....


The devil in me

Has seen the devil in you

Your cheeks flush from the deed

Your ass blacker than blue

The devil in me

Can feel the devil ensue

All hail to the tease

Because the devil ain't through


The devil is in me


Upside down and inside out

Baby I'll make you scream and shout

Giving and taking all night long

Seventeen right's can't make this wrong