By SiN Machine - Written by S.G.Heath - d-tox productions © 2014

Let's begin a tragedy

Pour a drink, drown in apathy

I'm not the man I, I used to be

Bound in chains of catastrophy

And troubled waters....


I suffer life's complexities

Doused in sin and it's agonies

A servant to perplexity

Though I long for simplicity

And calmer waters....


Get thee to a nunery

Save yourself from my company

I'm hanging by a thread you see

Feel this hate building up in me

Like boiling waters....


Ophelia, Ophelia

Ophelia, Ophelia


I'm deranged as can be

But these intricacies make me unaware

As Polonius creeps

Through these murderous streets you can say a prayer

There's a circus in town

But this merry-go-round is not fun or fair

And felonious plots

Tie my mind up in knots 'til I'm hard to bare


Ophelia, Ophelia

Ophelia, Ophelia