A Brief Period of Rejoicing



Black Celebration began life in a small club in Soho in 2001. Some school friends united in their love of the worlds greatest electro outfit.

The incredible.....DEPECHE MODE!!!

Driven by the desire to give Depeche Mode fans a quality outlet for their devotion whilst the Depeche Mode themselves were on hiatus in between albums and tours, Black Celebration devoted month upon month and year upon year to analysing and recreating the extraordinary sound that The Mode have created with their extensive back catalogue.

From the synth pop of the early 80's through to the polished dark electronica of the bands current output and everything in between, Black Celebration have recreated the very essence of Depeche Mode through their determination to be...The Definitive Tribute! 

It takes true dedication, time and effort  to authentically represent Depeche Mode. Each BC track has been lovingly constructed by a process of analysis, emotion and emulation. There is no room for half measures within Black Celebration. No matter what the era, Black Celebration are barely disdinguishable from their idols without the extensive use of samples, illegitimate backing tracks or other means of using the artists original recordings. Virtually everything you hear from Black Celebration has been programmed by Black Celebration. Why? Because they are not karaoke, they are not plagarists AND they are not Depeche Mode! They want you to recognise THEIR devotion. 70+ songs worth of devotion actually which you can check out on our discography

But all of this would mean nothing if BC could not perform in the arena we love Depeche the most. LIVE!

If there was ever any doubt of whether BC could live up to the truly awesome spectacle that is DM live, then cast your fears aside. There is not a tribute band around that performs with the energy and passion that Black Celebration put into their on stage performances. Every audience leaves having been fully entertained and fully involved. Jeff Hitchings delivers superb ballads as Martin Gore, Steve Heath swaggers with the energy and enthusiasm of Mr Gahan and the ever faithful John Cooper completes the technical support as their own personal Fletch.

With such devotion out there it would be a sin not to get the show on the road. BC have, over ther years, been very honoured to play Manchester, London, Birmingham, Coventry, Nottingham and many other towns and cities up and down the country including the bands hometown of Crewe (the box)and the incredible Assembly in Leamington Spa. Next on the agenda is to spread their wings even further and take the show to Europe. After all, we wouldn't want to deny our european brothers and sisters of the Definitive Tribute to Depeche Mode. It's time to share the love.

Together, Black Celebration truly are the nearest thing you can get to Depeche Mode. And if you don't believe us, check out our Videos.