Potential to Harm

Potential to Harm

By SiN Machine - Written by S.G.Heath - d-tox productions © 2014

See them lurking

Lurking in the shadows

Just waiting, waiting

Waiting for a moment

To indulge, divulge

Crowned in revelations

Anxiety is a bombshell that suits you well


Whispers, secrets

Somthings lying under

These sins and regrets

Justify your treason

In playing, paying

Praying for redemption

It's piety to the shrapnel

And sleaze you sell


There are weapons that you can and can't disarm

But if they know you

There's potential to harm


Potential to harm. Potential.


There's no reason

Rhyme has gone asunder

Your deviations

Justify their demons

You're out of luck

Your dignity is plundered

Beware the rumours you dispell

The lies you tell


Pretend, defend

You're still in the gutter

Details transcend

Obsolete andwasted

Upon your breath

The taste of desperation

A life spent walking on eggshells

And cheap motels


There's a sinister unsease beneath the calm

Upon pain of truth

There's potential to harm


Potentail to harm. Potential.


All you infidels, you sycophants, expoitative participants

And trophy weilding fakes

I'm watching you, the rules you break

Adulterers and snakes

I'm watching you, the moves you make


Devastation lies beyond the border

You're wrapped in hate

And they can see you breaking

A state of flux 

If only you could reason.....


Potential to harm.